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Solana Beach: North San Diego
Average Home Value- $1,600,000
Favorite Beach: Pillbox, aka Fletcher Cove

Welcome to my Solana Beach Real Estate Blog. This is where you can find information, like no other Solana Beach REALTOR website, online. I take much pride in providing you with the data and info you need to take charge of your internet search, after all, that’s what the internet was created for.Β 




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The Solana Beach community located in coastal North County San Diego offers both Ranch and Coast Lifestyles. Use my Solana Beach Real Estate Blog to do your research in finding the best Solana Beach Homes For Sale, Condos For Sale, and places to call home. Solana Beach offers you an upscale beach and nearby shopping experiences close to both Solana Beach Homes and Condos.. Solana Beach butts up agains much desired sister cities, such as Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas and Del Mar. So, as one can imagine, Living in Solana Beach and Solana Beach Real Estate are very desirable places to reside. Since I grew up in these parts, mainly as a young surf beach bum, I can assure you I know Solana Beach Real Estate market like no other. Β 

Solana Beach has many oceanfront properties one can purchase, depending on inventory of course. If Inventory was not a challenge, you could go out and buy a Solana Beach Detached Single Family Oceanfront Home, Β on the North side Lomas Santa Fe, or to the south, there arlmost a dozen different oceanfront condo communities. Lucky for you, my goal is to provide you with such outstanding content, the kind you just love to consume, then rest assure, my phone will ring and I will be your guy when it comes to buy or sell a property for you.Β 

Solana Beach Condos For Sale are very popular. You can find oceanfront condos in Solana Beach Swim and Tennis Club, Seascape Sur, etc.


I grew up surfing in Solana Beach. I worked at the Dairy Queen in 1993. Life in the 90’s as a surfer was awesome. I have great memories of surfing and hanging all over Solana Beach. Heck, I married Miss Solana Beach 1993!Β 

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Best Food & Drink in Solana Beach

1. Pizza Port

Pizza Port has been the #1 go to spot on the highway 101 for food and drink, since 1990! I’ve had my fair share of good times and pizza at the Solana Beach location.

2. Belly Up Tavern

The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach is definitely the #1 nightlife spot for living in North County. Belly Up features live music and ice cold beer!

3. Alce 101

Alce 101 is located in, what used to the very popular JAVA DEPOT! Java Depot was THEE hang out spot, in Solana Beach in the 90’s. Nowdays, Alce 101 has a cool outdoor seating area where we as groms used to chill.Β 

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